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from Styrofoam

Answer:  Styrofoam deathlessness

Question:  How long does it take?


& all the time singing in my throat 

little dead Greek lady

in your eternity.saddle


[hat: 59% Acrylic 41% Modacrylic

[ornamental trim: 24% Polyvinyl 76% Polyamide


holding a vial           



Enter:  8,9,13,14,17-ethynyl-13-methyl-



(aka environmental sources of hormonal activity

(side effects include tenderness, dizziness


                  and aberrations of the vision


                                 (oh please just pass the passout juice now!) 


Answer:  It is a misconception that materials

biodegrade in a meaningful timeframe


Answer:  Thought to be composters landfills

are actually vast mummifiers


                        of waste


                                                and waste’s companions                                          


                                    lo stunning all-color


heap-like & manifold.of 


foam 1 : a mass of fine bubbles on the surface of a liquid 

2 : a light cellular material resulting from the introduction

of gas during manufacture 3 : frothy saliva  4 : the SEA 




which can be molded into almost anything 


& cousin to.thingsartistic:


Kristen J

A low oven and a watchful eye turns bits

of used plastic meat trays into keychain ornaments.


Monica T

Soft and satisfying for infant teething if you first freeze.

posted 10/11/2007 at thriftyfun.com


hosted by FPPG the Foodservice Plastic Packaging Group


All this.formation



            & barely able to see sea


beyond the dense congregation of species successful in environments

where the diversity of plants and animals has been radically diminished                                  


(for all averred, we had killed the bird                [enter albatross

                                                             stand-in of choice



hence this mood of moods



(broken piece of lamp garbage)



sunset                      400 lux

LCD computer screen  300 lux

full moon                 .25 lux

starlight              .0005 lux



 that which fallsoutside.thespectrum            


                        antarctic fowl.cherubim

& dearest docent 


holding hands for the briefest moment of shared materiality

among lontermheritage styrene                                                               


Gee, this.stationaryparticulatecloud actually improves the sunset.


What the sea brought: poly.flotsam.faux.foam




 a kind of slime with polystyrene beads in it

 that can be used to transform almost any object

 into a unique work of art