some poems:

from Sleeping with Trees, About Place

Hence Mystical Cosmetic Over Sunset Landfill, Feral Atlas

Yet the Wor(l)d is Still Very Pretty, The Poetry Project Online

Childe Rolanda or the Whatever Epic, Verse

Broken Water, How2

some talks and readings:

Stockholm Environmental Humanities Festival, 2022

Poetics and Plants (with a reading at the end), 2020

Counterpath reading, 2013

PoemTalk #34 on Mei Mei Berssenbrugge's Hello, The Roses

The Future of Ecopoetics, Evelyn Reilly and Joshua Schuster, Kelly Writers House, 2019

A Conversation with Lynn Keller and Sarah Dimick, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2014

A Conversation with Andy Fitch, Something on Paper, 2014

It's the End of the World, Don't You Know That Yet?, The Poetry Project, 2016

Segue Series, 2009